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TSC Calendar

1. BOM: Spring Sprouts Embroidered Block of the Month

Join us in making this adorable quilt. One pieced block and 1 appliqued block each month. The applique can be done by hand, raw edge appliqued by machine, or appliqued by embroidery machine. LOTS of possibilities. Super easy and very fun!

Cost: $ 35.00
2. BOM: Hoopsisters: Jacobean Journey BOM

2014 Hoopsisters Jacobean Journey Quilt BOM...WOW!!

Cost: $ 150.00
3. BOM: Hoopsisters: Feathered Star with Optional Border BOM in the Hoop

If you haven't tried a Hoopsisters BOM quilt, now is the time! Feathered star is their most beautiful yet!!!

Cost: $ 135.00
Art Quilt Workshop: Working with Impressionist Stained Glass

Start with a design, rough it up a bit, create the pattern, place the pieces and quilt in such a unique way! This is a PERFECT way to learn how to free motion and create wonderful texture in your quilt or art piece!

Cost: $ 80.00
Beginning Quilting 101: Squares and Rectangles piecing 2014

Select your own colors, learn to cut and assemble a simple beginning quilt!

Cost: $ 35.00
Beginning Quilting 102: Working with Bias

Learn to work with Triangles and bias. Not as hard as you think.

Cost: $ 35.00
Beginning Quilting 103: Panels & Borders

Learn how to take a set of panels and create a quick and fun quilt by adding sashings and borders.

Cost: $ 25.00
Beginning Quilting 104: Fastest Strip Quilt EVER

Beginning Quilting 104: Fastest Strip Quilt Ever

Cost: $ 20.00
Beginning Quilting 105: T-shirt Quilt Class

T-shirt Quilt Class - makes a great gift!

Cost: $ 35.00
Big & Bulky Sewing

Bulky table runners & placemats & bulky baskets. What makes this so fun? It’s bulky and can be sewn in the sewing machine, of course! Join us and learn the tricks to sewing bulky items

Cost: $ 30.00
Big Girls/Boys Don't Cry Club

Have an Embroidery machine with a REALLY Large Hoop and don't know what to do with it? This is the class for you.

Cost: $ 20.00
Binding Clinics #1- Straight of grain

Learn to bind quilts, potholders, tablerunners . . .

Cost: $ 20.00
Binding Clinics #2- Bias - Curves (Scallops, Peaks & valleys...)

Learn to master bias binding techniques

Cost: $ 15.00
Cappuccino Tablerunner/Placemats

Let our Al show you how to do paper piecing the easy way! Decide if you would like to do a table runner or a placemat before class. You will be using a Judy Niemeyer design.

Cost: $ 25.00
Compute & Sew: Baby Flash Cards Workshop

Using your 5D Emb Extra or 6D Emb Extra, learn to create Baby Flash cards for a one-of-a-kind gift! You won’t believe how fun they are to hold. Teach children colors, numbers, shapes, letters, animals….all kinds of possibilities! YOU DO NOT NEED Digitizing capabilities!!! What a wonderful way to utilize your software in a new and creative way!!

Cost: $ 40.00
Designer's Seminar:

Know the basics of Digitizing? Now what? This class is for you! We will assume you have the basics, but now we can get into the more difficult uses of the software.

Cost: $ 20.00
EQ7 - Electric Quilt 7 Software Intro

Learn the basics of EQ7, borders, layout, setting, fabric requirements etc.

Cost: $ 55.00
Everything Triangles

Learn ONE block and make one of 6 different quilts you can make! Make a quilt top in ONE day. Many different designs can be made with this ONE block wonder!!!

Cost: $ 40.00
Falling Leaves

Blaze a trail with colorful applique! These leaves will POP as you choose vivid batiks and place them on a simple neutral background!

Cost: $ 45.00
Foot of the Month: Foot Fever Fridays

Learn to use the accessory feet for your machine and how it will impact your sewing!

Cost: $ FREE
Free Motion Basics 101

Learn to Free Motion Quilt on your table top sewing machine.

Cost: $ 30.00
Happy Village - Make your own!

Join us in making your OWN Happy Village. What a great way to learn Applique and Free Motion!

Cost: $ 40.00
Happy Village - Reunion Worksessions

Come one, come all villages! If you finished yours, bring it in to inspire others and see what everyone is doing? Need some inspiration to finish your village? Come and work with others creating your village. These sessions are for those of you who have STARTED a village and just need some FINISH IT time.

Cost: $ FREE
Kaleidoscope Print and Sew

Print your favorite kaleidoscope and then stitch the coordinating embroidery file on top......What a dynamic piece to be used in quilts, bags, table toppers, clothing embellishments etc.

Cost: $ 30.00
Machine Embroidery Club

Each month, try a new technique with your embroidery machine.

Cost: $ 15.00

Machine applique creates a wonderful moose quilt. Carol has created ALL of the embroideries for you! No need to digitize the design ... just embroider!

Cost: $ 85.00
Owner's 1: New Sewing Machine Owner's Class- Maintenance and Basic Useage

This class is for those who have just purchased a sewing machine. It is for PFAFF and HUSQVARNA VIKING current models ONLY. Topics to be covered: General Maintenance, understanding the basic features of your sewing machine.

Cost: $ 55.00
Owner's 2: New Sewing Machine Owner's Class - Programming

This class is for those who have just purchased a sewing machine. It is for PFAFF and HUSQVARNA VIKING current models ONLY. Learn to use advanced features of your sewing machine.

Cost: $ 55.00
Owner's 3: New Embroidery Machine Owner's Class

This class is for those who have just purchased a sewing machine. It is for PFAFF an HUSQVARNA VIKING current models ONLY. Learn the embroidery features of your new embroidery machine

Cost: $ 55.00
Quilt Design Creator Software Owners #1

Learn to use your Quilt Design Creator Software to make quilting designs and embroidery designs.

Cost: $ 55.00
Quilt Design Creator Software Owners #2

Lesson 2 for owners of Quilt Design Creator Software

Cost: $ 55.00
Royal Stitchers Club

Use your Top of the Line Viking or Pfaff to create things NO ONE ELSE CAN!!

Cost: $ 15.00
Serger 1: New Owner's Serger Class - Maintenance and 4 thread overlock

General maintenance, 4 thread overlock, understanding tension.

Cost: $ 55.00
Serger 2: New Owner's Serger class: 2 & 3 thread Functions

Learn to use your serger- 2 & 3 Thread functions

Cost: $ 55.00
Serger 3: New Owners Serger - Coverstitch & Chainstitch

Learn the basics of your new serger: Coverstitch and chainstitch

Cost: $ 55.00
Serger Club

Learn a new technique with your serger EVERY month!

Cost: $ 15.00
Sit & Sew Mondays

Spend a Monday morning sewing with Cindy. She will help you get motivated to finish all your projects and introduce you to new friends and get your holiday sewing started AND finished!

Software Club

Learn to make designs for use in your embroidery machine.

Cost: $ 15.00
Software Owner's 1: 6D Software INTRO

Get to know your new 6D Embroidery Software. What is new and different??

Cost: $ 55.00
Software Owner's 2: 5D or 6D Embroidery -Creating your own embroideries using text and embroidery files

Creating your own embroideries using text and embroidery files

Cost: $ 55.00
Software Owner's 3: Digitizing your own designs....just the beginning!

Learn the basics of creating your own embroideries using some of the digitizing tools.

Cost: $ 55.00
The Sewing Party convention at The Sewing Circle

Join us here in the store to participate in The Sewing Party Convention.


Spend the evening finishing up some of those unfinished projects while enjoying the company of others. Stuck on a project? There is always someone who has an idea how to proceed.

Cost: $ 5.00
Valerie's Tote

Valerie is an easy sew, yet the large flap offers a blank palette with so much opportunity for creating something unique. Bag fabric choices can include regular weight cotton, decor weight fabric or even a laminate. The flap is perfect for appliques and embroidery - or even a quilted piece! This bag is a great medium size for either a tailored or fun look.

Cost: $ 50.00
Wrapped Baskets, Bags & Totes

Make a fun clothesline basket or bag.

Cost: $ 20.00