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Melissa Mangan, Owner
Email:  melissa@the-sewingcircle.com

Melissa has a bachelors of Science degree in Mathematics Education, a Masters degree in Computer Science Education which led Melissa to teach Mathematics and Computer Science for 15 years in Oregon at many levels. Melissa is married to a wonderful man, Pat and has two children, Katrina and Nicholas.  Melissa's husband transferred with Hewlett Packard to Colorado and after a 2 year "retirement" to settle the family in Colorado, Melissa looked around for something to do. Linda Lilly hired Melissa to demonstrate and sell sewing machines for Viking. About one year later, Melissa and Linda switched roles and Melissa became the manager of Viking Gallery.

Approximately one year later, Melissa was hired to work for the corporate office of SVP (formerly VSM) as a Business and Sales trainer for Viking, Pfaff and Singer dealers across the nation. Melissa's specialty was creating a fun and active store, with special skills in Software, Embroidery and Sergers. Melissa helped the company in a number of projects including Web trainings for dealers internationally in 4D, 5D, 6D and Premier software and no more traveling....just have fun, play with friends... and SEW! 

Melissa recovered from a near-death experience in 2016 and has since vowed to sew more, play more and enjoy the store and all of you MORE!

Pat Mangan, Store Owner
Email:  patjm@the-sewingcircle.com

Pat has most of his adult life worked in the computer and manufacturing industry. He has a Bachelors degree in Commercial Industrial Fitness. His passion is to make Melissa happy, hence the store. Pat will be the tall, quiet guy you might see in the office, balancing books, working on the webpage, keeping the electronics and network at the store functioning perfectly. 


Althea Richling, Manager
Email:  althea@the-sewingcircle.com

Althea has lived in Fort Collins for 20 years. transferring with her husband via Hewlett Packard. Althea's daughter and Melissa's daughter sat next to each other in school their first day to find out they had the same birthday and were both from Oregon, hence, a long friendship between the Mangan's and the Richlings. Althea has an Associate degree from Front Range Community College and has worked for the Viking company store in Loveland for the past 2 1/2 years shortly after buying her first Viking. Althea loves to craft, quilt and create fun projects.

She brings with her a passion to serve and help customers feel happy about their purchases and projects. Althea will serve as the Manager of the store, utilizing all her acquired skills to keep us organized and on track. She will greet you with a smile and welcome you to "The Sewing Circle"!

Linda Lilly, Staff
Email:  linda@the-sewingcircle.com

Linda taught school for 30 years but never lost the love for teaching and working hard. Linda has sewn for 60 years, but enjoys embroidery and heirloom the most. Linda manages 3 Viking stores and has tried to retire many time, but friends and sewing keep bringing her back to her passion. She brings with her a love of people and makes everyone feel welcome and cared for. Linda will serve as the Assistant Manager in the store, helping Melissa, Pat and Althea keep it together!

Katie Mangan, Staff
Email:  Katie@the-sewingcircle.com

Katrina (Katie) recently graduated from Colorado State with a Bachelor in Criminal Justice/Sociology. She is a master at free-motion quilting and shows signs of great talent!  She will be the "bubble" that greets you with a smile!  You will seldom see her now as she works full-time elsewhere, but when she is here, you will know it as she has lots of joy to share and many fun new techniques that you will want to learn!
Michelle Weatherly, Staff
Email:  michelle@the-sewingcircle.com

I learned sewing from my Grandmother, who sewed all my lingerie and undergarments and lots of beautiful dresses growing up. When she stopped sewing those for me, I had to figure out how to purchase them! My mother also sewed. My Mom’s “sewing room” was in an unfinished closet underneath the stair case. I took sewing in 7th grade and learned how to read patterns. My husband, Tom purchased my first sewing machine when we were first married and he still supports my sewing obsession. Everything I sew since then has been self taught or watching others sew and a lot of “un-sewing” with my seam ripper. I sewed clothing for myself when our 2 sons were growing up and made many Halloween costumes for them. After more than 20 years of sewing on the kitchen table and cutting fabric on the floor, I have a designated space for my sewing which is wonderful! I like to sew garments, diapers, purses, home decoration, and lately quilts and dolls. I like to sew baby outfits for co-workers and friends. I am enjoying sewing for our new grandson. I am willing to sew just about anything, and love learning new techniques and especially enjoy the social aspect of sewing for others and with others.

Candy Brachle, Manager
Email: candy@the-sewingcircle.com

Candy Brachle began her sewing experiences as a teenager, learning first from her mother. She has a Bachelor of Science degree from Colorado State University in Home Economics, Consumer Science. She and her husband owned a Custom Window Covering Business for 30 years on the Western Slope, primarily working in Aspen and Vail. In Albuquerque, Candy managed the window covering department in a large retail store. She comes to us with extensive experience in home furnishing sewing, hand embroidery and quilting. One of her objectives is to introduce the satisfaction and joy of sewing to those who are just getting started.

Al Workman, CEO (Carry Everything Out)

Al is one of the most talent members of out team that you will meet! He has driven a truck, been a mechanic, and most recently retired from Lighting for the big picture studios. He loves to work with wood, but has been encouraged to try his hand at quilting. His skill with wood transfers to very precise and accurate quilting techniques. He is designing and building fixtures for the store but will impress everyone with his quilting! Let Al cut your fabric and you will know it is PERFECT
Roselyn Cutler, Manager
Email: roselyn@the-sewingcircle.com

Roselyn began sewing in the then-mandatory junior high home economics class for girls (which was a wonderful experience in contrast to the disaster in cooking class when she set the kitchen on fire).  Her parents gave her a sewing machine and tailoring lessons for Hanukah, and she was on her way. 

Roselyn sewed on that same machine through high school, college, graduate school and her children's early years.  When it passed away (at the age of 28 years, may it rest in peace) is when she discovered the world of computerized sewing machines, quilting, machine embroidery and design.  Now The Sewing Circle is her second home.
Jan Weber, Staff
Email: Jan@the-sewingcircle.com

Jan has been living in the Fort Collins area since 1998. She moved here with her husband of 53 years. She was an International Trainer with Raychem Corp. and then a Project Manager at IBM before her retirement. They have two grown daughters and one granddaughter.

Jan started sewing at a very young age. She lost her mother at age 10, and found it necessary to make her own clothes from that time on. Sewing for her daughters as they grew up was a must as well. She started quilting about 15 years ago and has taken many classes to aid in the discovery and techniques for better quilts.

Quilting definitely gets in the blood. Making something beautiful but simple and easy is a must when you have a busy schedule. Thus the concepts of triangle squares.
  Johanna Kemp, Staff

  Sarah Buotte, Staff

  Hope Shurigar, Staff

  Cindy Edwards, Staff

  Ani Montagner, Staff

  Cheryl French, Staff